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Confidentiality Agreement Child Care Staff

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Personal data that our service may request regarding children: The right to privacy and privacy of the child and family is described in the National Education and Care Code. We respect the privacy of children and their parents and educators, while ensuring that they have access to quality early education and quality education in our service. Early Childhood Services are required by law, service agreements and licensing requirements to comply with data protection laws and medical records when personal and health information is collected about individuals. To preserve the private and confidential files of children, families, staff and visitors who use the service. Our goal is to protect privacy and confidentiality by ensuring continuous improvement in the use, storage and disposal of records by our current systems, ensuring that all records and information relating to children, families, educators and management are kept in a safe place and are accessed only by individuals or passed on to people who need information to assume their responsibilities in the service or have a legal obligation to distinguish. KKW 7: Identifiers generally prevent an organization from identifying a person`s Australian government (for example. B Medicare numbers) as his. This directive applies to children, families, staff, managers and visitors to the service. KKW 6: Access and rectification gives individuals a general right of access to their personal data and the right to have it corrected if it is inaccurate, incomplete or obsolete. Nuclear Power Station 10: Sensitive Information Sensitive information includes information such as health, race or ethnicity or criminal records. The processing of sensitive information is subject to higher standards. Nuclear power plant 8: Anonymity, where possible, should allow individuals to do business with them without the individual ability to identify himself.

K.H. 1: Collection describing what an organization should do when it collects personal data, including how it collects, collects from third parties and, in general, what they should tell individuals about collecting. CENTRALE 9: Cross-border data flows Describe how organizations should protect the personal data they transfer outside Australia. Nuclear Power Plant 5: Opening An organisation must have a directive on the processing of personal data and make it accessible to anyone who requests it. . KON 2: Use and Disclosure Outlines how organizations can use and disclose personal data of individuals. If certain conditions are met, an organization does not always need a person`s consent to use and disclose personal data. There are rules for direct marketing. NPP 3-4: Quality and Security of Information An organization must take steps to ensure that the personal data it contains is accurate and up-to-date and protected from unauthorized use or unauthorized access.

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