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Psa Dhb Collective Agreement

Posted by admin on 11th April and posted in Uncategorized

PSA members on the North Island have ratified new collective agreements after months of negotiations. In addition to developing our private equity requirements, we need to renew our APHT-MA-AAs, which expire on October 31 of this year, and we are preparing to negotiate a new agreement. DHB`s administrative and office employees in the 20 DHB voted strongly in favour of union action at the federal Stop Work meetings in February 2019. NZNO Multi-Employer Care and Midwifery Agreement – 06/04/2018 to 31/07/2020 As dHB Clerical and Administration (admin) members at the head of the first national stop work meeting we share messages of support to show that we all count. We have also asked Members to speak to their local member of Parliament, write them or meet with them. In April 2018, PSA filed a pay equity application on behalf of more than 6,700 office/administrators working in our DHBs. “The government`s commitment to addressing low wages has been crucial to achieving this outcome, as DHBs administrators and office workers have always been among the lowest paid groups of workers.” APEX Clinical Perfusionists November 12, 2018 to February 16, 2021 SECA The following links are just a few examples of the Auckland DHB policies we ask all our employees to follow. Our policy is in line with our values and vision and ensures that our employees maintain our shared values as welcome, respect, together and high. Note: In the North Island and North Island regions, M.M.A.M. have been offered to administrative and office employees, and two others – the MECA Midlands and South Island MECA – are still under negotiation. MERAS Midwifery Representation – Services A reference group has been set up and the 14 people in this group represent 85% of the professions covered by the debt and are due to meet on 12 August.

It should be noted that Apex has also given a right to its associate health members, which will be consolidated in PSA law. Ngé Pou Mana currently recognizes more than 60 different roles that can register for membership as a member of the Tangata Whenua Allied Health family. For more information, to see if you qualify, check out our list here. “This regulation will make a major difference to a number of our members` standards of living and living, and it`s great to finally have some recognition of our DHB administration and the office workers who play a vital role in delivering services in our hospitals.” In addition to the evolution of our wage claims, we must renew our M.A.M.A.s which are due to expire this year. NZNO is currently in talks for their MECA and it is unlikely that we will continue our care negotiations until they have progressed with their companies.

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