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Solidworks License And Subscription Service Agreement

Posted by admin on 12th April and posted in Uncategorized

Node-locked License: A single user license valid for a given computer with the specified host ID. It is expressly forbidden to operate this computer as a terminal server, to redirect the computer display or to transfer the license to another computer, and to copy and operate the computer as a virtual machine. The licenses are stored (s) in a specific license file and must be stored in the installation directory. No no. SOLIDWORKS Term Licensing products are only available as single user licenses. The SOLIDWORKS Subscription Services technical support service provides you with live technical assistance, provided on-site by your authorized var. Assistance services include telephone support for product functions, menu orders, installation problems and troubleshooting. To the extent that local laws in force permit it, the liability of LOGOPRESS and its licensees, whether it is a contract, an unlawful act (including minor negligence) or otherwise arising from the software or documentation provided above and the services provided from time to time, does not exceed the fee you paid for the Software or the fee you paid for the Services during the twelve (12) months immediately prior to the date of your claim. To the extent that current legislation permits: LOGOPRESS or its licensees are not liable for specific, indirect, indirect, punitive or consecutive damages (including, but not limited to damage resulting from loss of use, loss of data, loss of profits, loss of value or business or loss of business) resulting from the use or inability to use the software or documentation provided and the services provided from time to time, even if LOGOPRESS or its licensees have been informed of the possibility of such damage. Notwithstanding the above, LOGOPRESS`s liability is in no way limited in the event of death or battery resulting from the negligence or intentional misconduct of LOGOPRESS. After receiving the full payment of the applicable fee by LOGOPRESS, in the event of an annual licence, the licence will be continued until the end of the validity of the applicable licence set out in the order. In the case of an indeterminate licence, the licence is maintained indefinitely. Once end-users have ordered subscription services, services are provided until the end of the order term.

The duration of this agreement is continued during this period, unless it is denounced in accordance with this Article 4. Neither party can terminate the agreement or a licence granted to it for no reason. LOGOPRESS may terminate immediately after written notification of any license granted to this license and/or the Agreement if you violate a provision of this Agreement and do not repair this violation within 15 days of termination or without additional delay if such a violation is incurable. After the license and/or contract is terminated, you will immediately return to LOGOPRESS or destroy all copies of the software and documentation covered by the license in accordance with LOGOPRESS`s instructions. With SNL licenses (also known as floating licenses), you can extend your investment to all your users. SNL is based on a utility run on a computer that is on the same network as users. Any computer can be used — there`s only one computer to use all the time. Here`s how it works: When a user launches SOLIDWORKS or a product or add-in, they check whether licenses are used or available. As soon as a user closes their software, the license is immediately re-eded to the server so that someone else can use it.

If you`re ready to buy, there are two SOLIDWORKS licensing options that allow you to buy or rent SOLIDWORKS products. These types of licences include fixed-term and indeterminate licences.

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