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Vet Pre-Qualified Supplier Agreement

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As the Queensland Government Grants Administrator for Vocational Training (Vet), the Department for Employment, Small Business and Training (the department) is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the subsidised training market. This involves a series of activities, including the authorisation of pre-qualified suppliers to obtain subsidies and monitoring compliance with contractual obligations. The plan is informed by pre-qualified serisque profiling for suppliers and an ongoing program of verification of environmental scanners and information collection. The department uses risk profiling as an early detection tool for potentially non-compliant behaviours. Note: “Public” includes Queensland TAFE Institute, Queensland Universities and Queensland Agricultural Colleges. “Non-public” includes pre-qualified providers who provide training in Queensland, including private providers, outreach organisations, grassroots universities, non-Queensland-TAFE institutes, non-Queensland universities and non-Queensland agricultural schools. The department has put in place important controls to strengthen the system of pre-qualified suppliers, of which: from 2016 to 2018, the division imposed 276 sanctions on pre-qualified suppliers. Chart 3B shows the number of penalties per type. As a state aid manager for training, the department is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the subsidized training market.

It does so in two ways: 1) by allowing training organisations registered as pre-qualified suppliers in Queensland to obtain state training aid and 2) by monitoring their compliance with contractual obligations. Skills Supplies Supplier-Kontaktinformation (DOCX, 69KB) The people nominated in this form are collaborators with whom contract management can discuss aspects of your SAS agreement. All staff members named in this form will automatically receive important updates throughout your contract, including broadcast notifications for updates such as policy or report changes and the contract interconnector. You are responsible for contract management if one of these executives leaves your organization or changes by filling out the form and returning by email to A student will likely make a first choice of supplier based on the information announced. To illustrate a student`s decision in practice, the 4H graph shows the differences between the TAFEQ and three large prequalifying private providers who issue a Certificate III in Individual Assistance (Ageing). The Queensland government is providing a grant of 3,168 $US to pre-qualified suppliers to deliver the price. In order to apply for pre-qualified supplier status, the applicant must be registered with the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) as a registered training organization. This example illustrates the difficulties faced by public operators when competing with pre-qualified private suppliers. TAFEQ`s subsidized enrolments at this rate decreased by 44%, while the overall market for subsidized listings increased by 84%.

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