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Correcting Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement Errors

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Here is an example that shows a correct pronoun-precursor correspondence: the original sentence contains an error in the concordance of noun pronouns: the plural pronoun of possessivity “you” is used to refer to “the worker”, a singular subublement. We must use a singular possessive pronoun to refer to a singular noun, and our decisions in this case are “hers,” “her,” and “she.” It is not used to refer to people, and while “the worker” is not a gender name, we can say that the worker described in the sentence is a man because the possessive pronoun “to be” in the sentences “his lost green helmet” and “made himself happy on the way home.” For the sentence to be correct, we must replace “theirs” with “his”, so that the correct answer is: “Just when he finished the work for the day, the worker found his lost green helmet and got happy on the way home.” The Tribunal`s decision considerably reduced the amount she expected, as it was based on the legal formality that the original agreement existed strictly between her and family trust. The original text contains a pronoun convention error. The intended precursor of the pronoun “he” is supposed to be “books”, which is plural and would therefore require the plural pronoun “them” instead of the singular pronoun “he”. If you perform this module in your own time, you have completed the learning unit to avoid problems with pronouns – precursor agreement. After reviewing all the relevant legal information, the Tribunal decided that the original agreement had been strictly concluded between her and the “family trust”, a legal formality that significantly reduced the expected amount. Remember these three important points about the pronoun-precursor agreement when a group element is the precursor: the original text “the person who has most changed the world through his charitable actions or scientific discoveries” and the choice of the answer “the person who has most changed the world through his charitable actions or scientific discoveries” contain errors of pronoun convention, because they mistakenly use the plural pronoun “she” to refer to the Singula the noun “person”. Pronouns play an important role in the English language. Pronouns replace nouns, so your writing could reproduce without pronouns. Here are some common mistakes you need to pay attention to when pronouns. In addition, a pronoun must correspond to its predecessor. To successfully navigate this agreement, you need to know these singular and plural pronouns: to understand the conformity of pronoun precursors, you must first understand pronouns. Here are nine rules of agreement precursor pronouns.

These rules refer to the rules of the subject-verb agreement. Pronoun over-conformance errors occur when the pronoun you use to “defend” a name does not match that name in number, place, or gender. A pronoun overdenity error is common when an author uses a singular noun as a student to represent students in general. Later, the author can then use them as pronouns to replace the student, since the author means students in general….

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