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Gifted Child Find and Referral Process

Direct services for gifted and talented children begin in the 3rd grade through the Gifted Program.

According to the Alabama State Department of Education regulations, all schools must conduct a second grade child find to identify gifted students.

The second grade teachers observe their students for gifted and talented behaviors during the first semeter of second grade.  At the end of the first semester, the 2nd grade teachers use the Child Find form, supplied by the gifted teacher, to report the names of potential gifted students.

During the second semester, the gifted teacher assigned to each school will coordinate the screening to elibility process.  Parents must give consent for screening, and if their child is found eligible, they must also give consent for placement.

Required teacher input for any gifted referral includes, but is not limited to:

  • Gifted Behavior Scale (TABS)
  • Work samples such as projects, creative writing samples, artwork, above grade level work, etc.
  • Current report card grades

To refer a student not in 2nd grade, contact the classroom teacher or gifted teacher who works with the child’s school.

For more information, contact your local gifted specialist or special education department.


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